Welcome to the Duchess Mennonite Church

100th Anniversary

In 2017, the Duchess Mennonite Church will be celebrating their 100th anniversary.
For more details, please visit 100.duchessmennonite.ca.

Our Mission Statement

“To Experience and Share the Love of God as Shown By Jesus Christ.”

Our Vision Statement

“As followers of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit we desire to proclaim God’s kingdom and to grow in grace, joy and peace so that His healing and hope will flow through us into our community and beyond.”

About Us

For more than 90 years, the Duchess Mennonite Church has been attempting to live out their faith in Christ and in doing so, serve the community of Duchess. The Duchess Mennonite Church was founded in 1917 by settlers from Pennsylvania with Swiss Mennonite roots. We are affiliated with the Northwest Mennonite Conference.

We adhere to the Statement of Faith laid out in Confession of Faith From a Mennonite Perspective published by the Mennonite Church.

Service Outline:

August 30, 2015

Call to Worship: Nathan Ramer
Praise & Worship Music: Carolyn Virovec
Children’s Feature: Melanie Snider
Announcements:Nathan Ramer
Prayer & Sharing Time: Nathan Ramer

Sermon: Alvin Penner